AlexFest - 4th July 2015

Written by Aidy.

This was originally going to be just Dave and myself doing a stripped back acoustic set but Paul became available at the last minute and we ended up playing as a full band, which was cool. AlexFest is a new-ish mini festival type type thing hosted at The Alex in Cambridge. The organisation was a bit ramshackle, had some people turn up to watch us at The Alex, unaware of the second stage which was in a car park across the road where half the bands and ourselves played. Was a fun gig though and was great to finally see Too Cool Kid play.

Next up we're playing a free gig at The Corner House, Cambridge on Saturday 25th July 2015.

AlexFest Setlist 04/07/2015
Sugar Water
Just Get By
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
I’m Just Like You
the British IBM

Dave at AlexFest 2015