Game Dev Story

Written by Aidy.

Being in a band is hard work but that hard work is also coupled with a fair amount of downtime spent in hotel rooms, waiting for other bands to sound check and on long car journeys. Luckily for us we're all fortunate enough to own iPhone's! There's never a dull moment when you've got an iPhone and a seemingly infinite supply of video games. Recently the game of choice for myself and Dave has been Game Dev Story from Kairosoft.

For a mere £2.49 you get to run a video games company for a period of twenty years developing games for the PC and a variety of consoles. You get to hire and fire people, develop new games and eventually you can even build your own consoles. This is possibly the most addictive game I've played since the nineties (when games were good). But the best feature of all is the fact that you can choose the titles for all the video games your fictitious company develops and there's no profanity filter. This is great when you're as childish as us, check out some of these screenshots.