Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders

Written by Aidy.

Magnus Anderson

Carlsberg don’t do geeky nights out but if they did then they’d probably be a lot like the one I experienced earlier this week at the Retro Bar, London. The evening consisted of drinking beer, talking about old video games, eating video game themed cupcakes and MJ Hibbett of Hey Hey 16K fame actually bought me a beer! Then to top it all off I got to see my name printed in the acknowledgments of a proper book!

That’s right folks I was lucky enough to go to the book launch for Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders by Magnus Anderson and Rebecca Levene.

I met Magnus a little while ago at an event celebrating 30 years of the BBC Micro in Cambridge where he was busy snagging interviews. I’ve since stayed in contact and eagerly anticipated the book's completion. It's an in-depth look at the rise of the UK video game industry and shines a light on the bedroom coders and entrepreneur’s behind it. The subject matter makes for a fascinating story and it's great that someone’s spent this much time and effort researching and collating interviews for it. I’m already hooked and as soon as I’ve finished reading it I’ll be posting a slightly more details article about it.

Oh and if you didn’t already know, Magnus was in our music video for the British IBM where he plays one of the people he interviewed for the book, from the BBC, who went along to Acorn to inspect the future BBC Micro. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy here: