Behind the Music #06 - Cannibal

Written by Aidy.

Originally written on an acoustic guitar and recorded as a demo on my iPhone’s voice memo app. I experimented with various tempos before it ended up as the speed you can hear it on the album. Lyrically it’s about sociopathic tendencies and when we started playing it as a band I began using an overdrive pedal and it started to get slightly more grungey.

David (Martin) came up with the little octave riff that you hear in the “yippee aye yay” section and plays the bulk of the guitar on this track. The rest of which was added by David Simpson who was nice enough to come along to the studio and play on a few things for us.

This song made its live debut at the Sun Inn in Stockton on Tees before we’d started recording the album and has since become a regular on our setlist.

Guest Musicians
David Simpson - Lead Guitar

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