Top 5 New Games of 2012

Written by Dave.

We decided to mark the end of 2012 with a couple of Top 5's for our most played video games of the year with myself covering the modern day stuff and then Aidy's gonna be jumping in with his top 5 retro picks. So, here's my top five "new" games of 2012!

5. Super Hexagon
I played an extraordinary amount of Super Hexagon this year. Turns out a game where you move a little triangle in a circle proved to be one of the my most challenging experiences of last year. Chipzel's soundtrack is also totally amazing.

4. Lone Survivor
I'm a massive fan of horror games but it seems that the creators of creepy games like Resident Evil have ditched atmosphere in favour of pumping round after round of ammo into men with wings. Thanks heavens then for one man from Cambridge with a computer, who managed to create an even more unsettling experience than the 600 odd people who worked on the latest Resident Evil game.

3. Far Cry 3
I felt I had to force myself to finish Far Cry 2. Some cool systems wrapped in some tedious gameplay made for a lacking experience. Its sequel ramped things up to be bigger and crazier! They also hammered out a lot of the issues. Plus you couldn't punch a shark in the last game.

2. Asura's Wrath

1. The Walking Dead
I'm a big fan of adventure games, from the first time I ever picked up Broken Sword for no real reason at all at a young age. Telltale have been holding that torch for the older "Point-and-Click" style for a while now but their take on The Walking Dead has elevated them to a new high. I couldn't wait for each new episode to come out and had to play through it right away to see what happened next. It's an experience unlike any other I've had this year and I'd urge you all to at least try the first one out.