Revival 2013 Photos

Written by Aidy.

Last weekend Dave and myself made our way up the M6 to Wolverhampton for the first ever Revival Expo. It was literally a retro-geek sensory overload with the likes of Mike Montgomery from Bitmap Brothers wondering about and rare Japanese consoles such as the Sega SG1000 setup and freely available to play! We managed to keep it together though. We assembled our little stall and unleashed the magic of our album on 8-Track and 3.5" floppy. We even had Lunar Panda (a game some friends and I have been working) on display in its own custom arcade cabinet.

It was great to see the Retrogaming Roundup crew there too. They've finally released their long-awaited home-brew Atari 2600 game, CGE Adventures, for which we've recorded a brand spanking new song but more details on that to come.

Oh and amongst other things, I now also own a copy of E.T for the Atari 2600. Purchased for the princely sum of £3 from Retro Lords who had their stall right round the corner from us.