CGE Adventures

Written by Aidy.

It’s been in the making for a while now but it’s finally here! The Retrogaming Roundup crew have officially released their very own Atari 2600 game ‘CGE Adventures’. The game’s based on events that transpired at the Classic Gaming Expo several years ago when a deaf guy stole a spindle of CDs from their booth. The irony of this incident along with a whole host of running gags, that should be familiar to regular listeners of the show, have been worked into this Adventure-esque video game.

You take control of the deaf CD thief himself and your objective is to swipe the spindle of CDs from the Retrogaming Roundup booth and exit the building safely. Sounds simple enough but with the LVPD, the show hosts and even Elvis (to name but a few enemies) out to get you this isn’t as easy as you’d think. Luckily there’s Crazy Carl the custodian randomly wondering around and dropping items on the floor that can help you along the way.

So where do the British IBM fit into all of this?

Remember the good old days when Buckner and Garcia were dominating the charts with Pac-man Fever? Of course you do! Well those days are back (sort of). We were asked to do an original song in homage of CGE Adventures and after a brief stint at Half-Ton Studios we came up with a video game inspired track complete with arcade sound effects. The new song simply entitled ‘CGE Adventures’ is now available from the Retrogaming Roundup website in return for a donation amount of your choosing. 100% of which will go straight back into the podcast and will help the guys out with hosting fees etc. It’s a great podcast and well worth chucking a coins there way!

Get it here!