Retro Video Game Night

Beer and video games! Could there be any better way of spending an evening? Started doing these at the Centre for Computing History back in 2013, now doing some smaller ones with my own little collection of retro systems and games. Most of these events involve Lord Conrad's Brewery and Ian Guebert aka The Games Master.

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Cambourne Retro Video Game Night - Friday 28th February 2020

Retro Video Game Night #006

Written by Aidy.

Date: 6th March 2015
Tournament: Track 'n' Field (Sony PlayStation)
Tournament Winner: Mr Jim

First Retro Gaming Night of 2015. Ian kicked off the new year with a Track 'n' Field tournament.

The main room featured a whole load of gun/zapper games. It also felt like Alex Kidd was due a come back so I got him out of retirement and put him on the flyers.

Retro Video Game Night #005

Written by Aidy.

Date: 12th December 2014 (Christmas Edition!)
Tournament: Bishi Bashi (Sony PlayStation)
Tournament Winner: Tom Scott

Our first ever Christmas themed retro night and the start of a great tradition! Winning the shirt off the Games Master's back. Everyone at the museum signed Ian's ALF t-shirt and the winner of Bishi Bashi took it home along with some other prizes.

Jason made a Christmas tree out of a pile of VDUs, we had Christmas music playing in the main room and a whole load of Christmas themed games for people to play. One of my personal highlights however was when Lord Conrad turned up with free beer for everyone fresh from the Lord Conrad Brewery.

Retro Video Game Night #004

Written by Aidy.

Date: 22nd August 2014
Tournament: Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)
Tournament Winner: Unknown

Ian the Games Master did a Mario Kart 64 tournament for this one in the 80s classroom, there was networked Doom taking place in the front room and a whole load of stuff going on in the main room including Bad Influence and Games Master (the other one) being projected onto the wall.

We also had Utopian World of Sandwiches in attendance with their creation Chompy Chomp Chomp.

Retro Video Game Night #003

Written by Aidy.

Date: 23rd May 2014
Tournament: GoldenEye (Nintendo 64)
Tournament Winner: Unknown

Riding high from the previous retro nights we decided to mix things up a bit and make an entire weekend out of this one and put on a whole three days worth of retro gaming and talks that celebrated the past, present and future of the UK video games industry. Mike James from the my all time favourite podcast 'Retrogaming Roundup' was in attendance for this one and kindly hosted all of the panels that ran during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

The Friday night was a similar format to the previous retro nights but heavy on the UK games with the likes of Golden Eye, Jet Set Willy and Worms.

Retro Video Game Night #002

Written by Aidy.

Date: 21st February 2014
Tournament: Pac-Man Vs (Nintendo GameCube)
Tournament Winner: Matt

Due to the success of the first Retro Video Game Night we decided to make it a regular thing and put one on every quarter. This was also the night where Ian Guebert's transformation into the "Games Master" took place since I had a T-Shirt made with this written on the back and possibly one of the worst Sega Master System games printed on the front. Anyone else remember ALF? Thought not. This has since become an ongoing joke and each year Ian get's a new T-Shirt with a rubbish Sega Master System game printed on the front.

The ALF t-shirt was signed by everyone at the museum and given away as a tournament prize at Christmas, which started another tradition.

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