Caffeine & Rehearsals

Written by Aidy.

Well next weekend is our first recording session at Half Ton Studios. So in preparation we spent most of this weekend locked in a small room rehearsing new material, eating Peperami and drinking excessive amounts of coffee and energy drinks. It's all been worth while though and we've locked down ten tracks that are going to feature on the album. We're all very excited about this project, getting the album out there and playing this stuff live.


the British IBM Top Ten's of 2011

Written by Aidy.

Ever since the British IBM first came into existence (2 weeks ago) it's been a time honoured tradition that myself, Dave and Paul get together at some point in January to take stock of the previous years musical offerings. We then do what all men do best according to Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, which is to make 'top ten lists'. Here are our individual top ten songs of 2011! Dave even went to the effort of making a Spotify playlist, there's a few tracks missing from it though cos not everything in the world is on Spotify....yet!

Click here for Spotify Playlist


Creating The Logo

Written by Aidy.

Creating a new band from scratch is tough work and when you're on a tight budget you have to do a lot of stuff yourself, including the logo in our case. The final logo that we've already started printing onto T-Shirts is loosely based on the front panel of a PDP-8 (an old computer) in an attempt to give the band a vintage aesthetic. Here are some of the other logo ideas that were kicked about during the design process.

T-Shirt Winner

Written by Administrator.

The winner of the T-Shirt was one Jason Hook who wanted it for his friend who intends to wear it at a conference being held by a company that just happens to share three letters of our band name. It might actually be worth pointing out that we're in no way associated with that company. Hopefully we'll have a cheeky photo winging its way to us very soon.

Win a British IBM T-Shirt!!

Written by Aidy.

We've just received shipment of the first ever British IBM T-shirts! Now we were going to wait until we were up and gigging before we started selling these bad boys, but we've decided to give just one lucky fan the chance to win one!! Just imagine, for the brief period of time before we start selling these you'll be the only person in the world wearing a British IBM t-shirt!!

To be in with a chance of winning simply drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling us why you think you deserve to own this 'cool as fuck' t-shirt by the end of today. Best answer wins and if you email us a photo of you wearing the t-shirt we'll even feature you on the site.

the British IBM t-shirt