Only Full Band Gig of 2014

Written by Aidy.

Just a quick reminder that in less than 2 weeks we'll be playing our ONLY full band gig of 2014 at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. Saturday 6th September, Doors 7pm.

Hope you can make it, it'll be a great night! We're playing alongside Mega Ran (who's coming all the way from the USA) and MC iPod. You can bring your own booze, there's retro video games available to play and there's even a hotel nearby for those of you who aren't local to Cambridge.

Get yourself a ticket here:

Nearby hotel is here:

See you there!


The British IBM Bundle

Written by Aidy.

There's never been a better time to purchase our début album that right now! I've just curated a Groupees bundle, along with the lovely people at, featuring our album and a selection of video games. You'll even get a couple of our music videos an unreleased demo from my upcoming solo album, Lunar Panda Deluxe and loads more for the bargain price of $3. This bundle is only available for a limited time, so hurry!

Lunar Panda Deluxe

An Afternoon with the Oliver Twins

Written by Aidy.

Pretty excited about this! I've managed to persuade the Oliver Twins to come down to The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge to do a little talk about everything from Dizzy Egg up to their current endeavours with Radiant Worlds. So make sure you're there, it'll be a great afternoon and we'll have the majority of their games available to play. So if you've got questions you want to ask or games you want signed then come along. There's a chance they may even be able to talk about the new game they're currently working on by then.

It'll be taking place at 3pm on Saturday 26th July. Tickets are a mere £7 and all profits go to the museum.


Psychopaths Dream in Black & White

Written by Aidy.

So I'm back at Half Ton Studios once again and working on a little solo album with the working title 'Pyschopaths Dream in Black and White'. It's been a while since I wrote the original material that ended up on the British IBM album. Over two years in fact. I've since written a shed load of new songs that are in various states of completion on my iPhone's voice recorder and scribbled on bits of paper all over my house and I'm now starting to do something with them.

Some of the new stuff will ultimately end up on the "elusive second album" but in the interim I'm working on some of the other material. Here's a little demo of one of the tracks I'll be working on called 'All The Time'.


UK Gaming Past, Present and Future

Written by Aidy.

UK Gaming Past, Present & Future

Fancy an informal weekend of beer, video games and talks from industry veterans? Though so!

As well as putting on another Retro Video Game Night at the Centre for Computing History we've decided to make a weekend out of this one and celebrate the UK's rich gaming past but with an eye on the future too. The format of this Retro Video Game Night will remain the same but with a bit more emphasis on some classic UK video games such as Jet Set Willy, Speed Ball 2 and Elite etc. Then on top of that we're doing another two full days where you'll be able to play even more games and we'll also have a number of talks and Q&As for you to attend.

Retro Video Game Night - Friday 23rd May 2014
As always, this is a 'Bring Your Own Booze' event with competitions, a raffle and a burger van conveniently parked outside.
Tickets are available here: 
Retro Video Game Night Tickets
£10 Door | £8 Advance

UK Gaming Past, Present & Future - Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th May 2014
Celebrate the UK video games industry with two days of video games, exhibitions and talks from industry professionals. We've also got an alcohol license for this weekend and will be selling a selection of beers and wine.
Tickets are available here: 
UK Gaming Past, Present & Future Tickets
£7 Tickets | £3 Talks