Blue Moon, Cambridge - 6th April 2018

Written by Aidy.

Bit of a blast from the past. Played the Blue Moon in Cambridge which used to be the Man on the Moon, where I played many gigs in various incarnations, including my first band Cheese Factory when I was still living in Essex. We played alongside Cambridge veterans The Furious Sleep and Bomb Factory front man's new band Paint Nothing. The legendary 'Man on the Moon' sound engineer Steve Bradshaw even came out of retirement for 'one last mission' and tweaked some knobs for us all.

Highlight of the evening was finally meeting Acorn Electron Today's Stuart Johns who's been a long time supporter of our music and even made video games about a British IBM gig taking place during a zombies apocalypse. Check out his antics at

IBM Vs Acorn
Thanks to Acorn Electron Today for this suitably modified image.

Blue Moon, Cambridge Setlist 06/04/2018

Sugar Water
Jet Set Willy
Just Get By

I'm Just Like You
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
The British IBM