Revival Expo, Walsall - 19th May 2018

Written by Aidy.

First time we've played a full band gig at a Revial expo, once did a solo acoustic set a few years ago at one of the Winter Warmers. Really enjoyed the gig and the weekend, met lots of cool people including Iain Lee, who I haven't actually seen since we filmed the British IBM music video with him back in 2012. Played a whole bunch of games, picked up a PS2 controller and some back issues of Retro Gamer for a few quid, had a few beers and ate a couple of burgers. Would actually go out on a limb and say this was my favourite Revival to date, it was massive!

We also, played our new song, that's not out yet, 'Where is Matthew Smith?'.

Thanks to Ian Guebert from GreatBitBlog for taking this picture with his shiny, new camera.

Revival 2018

Revival Expo, Walsall Setlist 19/05/2018

Sugar Water
Jet Set Willy
Where is Matthew Smith?

Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
The British IBM