Roundup of Retrogaming Roundup

Written by Aidy.

UK Mike

Following on from UK Mike's Q&A session in the Twitch Bar he's been kind enough to compile a list of some of his favorite episodes from the past 10+ years of the Retrogaming Roundup podcast. I've been an avid listener from the very early days but if you're looking to delve into the nerdy and occasionally controversial world of UK Mike and his chums then here are some great episodes to get you started.

Full Lists of Interviews & Top Tens

UK Mike's Favourite Episodes

RoundUp 15 (Feb 2010) - SoCal Mike's Drink From My Mule Special
Drinking while playing online MULE

RoundUp 21 (Jul 2010) - The Smell Of Wilford Brimley
The origin of our Stetson trope

RoundUp 24 (Oct 2010) - Oh She's Doing Fine
We break the Ted Dabney story

RoundUp 30 (Apr 2011) - Two Pop Bumpers And An Outhole
We play the Diane Suaer audio clip

RoundUp 31 (May 2011) - The Missing Mayor Of Marshfield, Massachusetts
We phone the Mayor of a town live to see why they banned video games
Top Ten Video Game Babes
Al Alcorn Interview

RoundUp 36 (Jun 2011) - An Evening At The Cottage
Top Ten Video Game Hunks

RoundUp 39 (Sep 2011) - Dirty Mikes And The Boy
Geoff Edwards Interview (My favourite)

RoundUp 44 (Feb 2012) - AC/DC Pinball Special
Steve Ritchie Interview (The one I discussed in the Twitch Bar)

RoundUp 50 (Jul 2012) - A Tree Ridden Fictitional Forest
The origin of James on James

RoundUp 56 (Top 100 Special)
Top 100 Games Ever

RoundUp 68 (Christmas Special) - Sansabelt Rants
Scott's Sansabelt Pants Story

RoundUp 70 (Jan 2014) - Sniff The Slot
Simon Butler Interview (First time we met Simon)

RoundUp 77 (Vegas Special) - Las Vegas Antics
We call some Las vegas Hookers

RoundUp 79 (Sep 2014) - Surf Dogs
SoCal Mike goes AWOL for Live News and Scott is not happy
This was days after a crisis meeting to make him show up

RoundUp 90 (Aug 2015) - The Bigger Side Of Tidy
Bitmap Bros Vs Sensible Software at CFCH

RoundUp 91 (Retro VGS Special)
The Retro VGS Interview

RoundUp 96 (New Year Special) - Tickle My Trout
Flat Earthers
VAT Unravelled
UKMike's Walgreens Story

RoundUp 99 (Piko Interactive) - Lawyers And Showers
Piko Interactive Interview

RoundUp 100 (Mar 2016) - The Elder Statesman
The true origins of RGR
Jagbar Interview

RoundUp 103 (May 2016) - General Mario Kart Skills
Ocean Software Room 101 at CFCH

RoundUp 125 (Jan 2018) - The Horse Flips In Out Run
Steve McNeil Interview

RoundUp 128 (Apr 2018) - Computationally Expensive
John Romero Interview at CFCH

RoundUp 153 (Mar 2020) - Teetering On The Brink
Phill Boag-Butcher Interview

RoundUp 176 (Jan 2022) - Bad In Interesting Ways
Top Ten Games Never Used In A Top Ten