Retro Video Game Night

Retro Video Game Night #002

Written by Aidy.

Date: 21st February 2014
Tournament: Pac-Man Vs (Nintendo GameCube)
Tournament Winner: Matt

Due to the success of the first Retro Video Game Night we decided to make it a regular thing and put one on every quarter. This was also the night where Ian Guebert's transformation into the "Games Master" took place since I had a T-Shirt made with this written on the back and possibly one of the worst Sega Master System games printed on the front. Anyone else remember ALF? Thought not. This has since become an ongoing joke and each year Ian get's a new T-Shirt with a rubbish Sega Master System game printed on the front.

The ALF t-shirt was signed by everyone at the museum and given away as a tournament prize at Christmas, which started another tradition.