Revival 2013 Photos

Written by Aidy.

Last weekend Dave and myself made our way up the M6 to Wolverhampton for the first ever Revival Expo. It was literally a retro-geek sensory overload with the likes of Mike Montgomery from Bitmap Brothers wondering about and rare Japanese consoles such as the Sega SG1000 setup and freely available to play! We managed to keep it together though. We assembled our little stall and unleashed the magic of our album on 8-Track and 3.5" floppy. We even had Lunar Panda (a game some friends and I have been working) on display in its own custom arcade cabinet.

It was great to see the Retrogaming Roundup crew there too. They've finally released their long-awaited home-brew Atari 2600 game, CGE Adventures, for which we've recorded a brand spanking new song but more details on that to come.

Oh and amongst other things, I now also own a copy of E.T for the Atari 2600. Purchased for the princely sum of £3 from Retro Lords who had their stall right round the corner from us.

Gorilla, Stoner and Silver Fox

Written by Aidy.

Another month, another Retrogaming Roundup. This latest episode features one the most heated top ten debates I've heard in a while as Socal and Scott debate whether or not Pac-Man deserves the title of 'First ever video game mascot'. I won't spoil the outcome for you if you haven't listened yet. Along with with the Top Ten Firsts in Gaming there's also great interview with Ocean's Mark Jones, go listen!

Retrogaming Roundup 60 (April2013) - Gorilla, Stoner and Silver Fox


Written by Aidy.

Old TV
I've just spent the morning getting some bits ready for Revival next month, we're all pretty excited about the prospect of playing some classic video games and having a few beers. As well as pedalling our merch we'll also have our album available to listen to on 8-Track and today I managed to get our music videos sorted out so we can have them playing through an old school TV. If you don't have a ticket yet, you can grab one here:

The Centre for Computing History

Written by Aidy.

Micro Men

We're now proud sponsors of 'The Centre for Computing History' and if you don't believe me you can check us out on the sponsors page right here.

These are exciting times for the museum, they've finally found a home in Cambridge after two years of searching but they're still working hard to raise funds so if you fancy helping them out then head on over to their site and make a donation, sponsor them or purchase something from the museum shop. I think you'll agree it's a great cause and they're a great bunch of people. They were even kind enough to lend us the BBC Micro that was used in our music video.

Also! Founder Jason Fitzpatrick was heavily involved in the what we here at the British IBM refer to as "The greatest film ever made!" and aswell as providing props and techincal advice for Micro Men he even managed a cheeky cameo. Check him out in this picture alongside Hermann Hauser.

Two Smart Guys And SoCal

Written by Aidy.

The latest episode of our favourite podcast is out once again and we even get a little mention in the interview with From Bedrooms to Billion's Anothony Caulfield. Go check it out! It's a pretty meaty interview with some fascinating anecdotes, we can't wait to actually see the full thing!

If you've never listened to the Retrogaming Roundup, listen to the Retrogaming Roundup. If you're on our page reading these words then I guarantee you'll love it.

Retrogaming Roundup 59 (Mar 2013) - Two Smart Guys And Socal

Retrogaming Roundup