random_dave is playing games for 24 hours

Written by Aidy.

Special Effect

Retrogaming Roundup Associate and all round nice guy Ben Lancaster aka random_dave is going to be playing video games for a grand total of 24 hours for charity. He'll be kicking off this feat of endurance at 12pm on February 21st and all money raised will be going to Special Effect. A charity that helps people with disabilities to enjoy video games. I think you'll agree that this is a pretty worthwhile cause and if you'd like to help Mr Lancaster reach his £250 goal then head here to find out more and to donate: http://www.undercheese.co.uk/?p=167

The Wild Bunch (C++ Remake)

Written by Aidy.

A little while ago I added an instrumental copy of the British IBM album to our shareware section and announced that if anyone had any projects that they'd like to use the music on then to please feel free to do so. Scott Griffiths of Slashnburn Software Studio is the most recent to do this. He's used the instrumental version of 'Is it too late to save Oscar Pike?' on his most recent YouTube episode in which he's remaking The Wild Bunch in C++. Great little project and some cool videos for geeks and retro-enthusiasts such as my self. So go and check him out, you can also follow his escapades on Twitter at @slashsoftstudio. 

Stockton Calling 2015

Written by Aidy.

Dave and myself are heading up north once again to play Stockton Calling  on Saturday 4th April where we'll be doing a little acoustic set at the Vault. For more info and to order tickets, go here: http://www.stocktoncalling.co.uk/

Retro Video Game Night - 6th March 2015

Written by Aidy.

It's back again! The first Retro Video Game Night of 2015 is taking place on the 6th March 2015, which is coincidently Jason Fitzpatrick's birthday so be sure to give him your regards on the night and challenge him to a game of pong. The tickets are now on sale and I'm sure you all know the drill. This is a 'Bring Your Own Booze' event, there's a burger van parked outside in case you get hungry and it's held at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. See you all there!

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