Retro Video Game Night - 6th March 2015

Written by Aidy.

It's back again! The first Retro Video Game Night of 2015 is taking place on the 6th March 2015, which is coincidently Jason Fitzpatrick's birthday so be sure to give him your regards on the night and challenge him to a game of pong. The tickets are now on sale and I'm sure you all know the drill. This is a 'Bring Your Own Booze' event, there's a burger van parked outside in case you get hungry and it's held at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. See you all there!

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The British IBM (Instrumental)

Written by Aidy.

Yesterdays use of Animal on Geoff Neil's latest YouTube video got me thinking about the fact that I've got an instrumental copy of the entire album sitting in the archives that's not really doing much. So I've added a copy of it to our Shareware section. Please feel free to download and use it in any random projects, podcasts or YouTube videos that you might be involved with. I know quite a few people have already done so with the existing album so I thought I may as well throw the instrumental version out there too in order to help people out. Also very happy to share any of you're endeavours on the site if you let know about them.

Saber Wulf ZX Spectrum Walkthrough

Written by Aidy.

Got a nice email from Geoff Neil this morning asking if he could use some of British IBM music in his latest walk through video and of course I said yes! Check out the end result, it's a cool video and there are plenty more on his channel that are worth checking out including Jet Set Willy and Atic Atac. Our song 'Animal' is used on the Saber Wulf speed run at 12:02. If anyone else has any projects and they'd like to use some our music then please feel free to get in contact.


Happy 2015!

Written by Aidy.

Happy New Year! Hope you're all well, geared up for 2015 and the prospect of a brand new album. The next musical instalment 'Psychopaths Dream in Black and White' is coming along nicely even if I do say so myself. The solid foundations are down and we're now working on an array of illustrious overdubs from the likes of Anna Scott, who played cello on track 'the British IBM' back in 2012. There's also bassoon on this one and possibly some sitar. Really hoping to get everything done by the end of February and out to the people that were nice enough to back the original Kickstarter and then out to everyone else later in the year when I've worked out some kind of a release strategy. In the meantime here are a few studio photos.

Half Ton Studio Antics

Written by Aidy.

If you're on social media or a backer of the Kickstarter then you'll probably know that I've been hard at work on the new solo album 'Psychopaths Dream in Black and White'. If you're not however, but you are checking this site periodically, then you may think it's all gone a bit quiet. I haven't actually added any content since October but I'm rectifying that now with some of my downtime.

The new album's slowly taking shape at Half Ton Studios. Chord structures have been crafted, lyrics have been written, songs have been chosen, my programmed drums have been replaced with proper drums and I've even managed to find a bassoon player for one track. There's still a lot more to do but it is getting there and it's sounding pretty good even if I do say so myself.

Lyrically it's a slight departure from the last album and themed around the psychopathic tendencies of two individuals. Although saying that I believe that some of the traits of these two individuals could very possibly be attributed to some of my "retro heroes". More likely the ones that are still going today and have some amount of business aptitude. Some anecdotes of which have kind of worked there way it there. Some influences include American Psycho, Kill Your Friends, Wall Street, Mad Men (a line of Peggy Olson's dialogue ended up in one song), The Psychopath Test, Steve Job's biography and lots more. But that's all I can think of right now.