Have a Nice Day

Written by Aidy.

Our new lyric video for 'Have a Nice Day' is out now! You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other usual streaming platforms.



Roundup of Retrogaming Roundup

Written by Aidy.

UK Mike

Following on from UK Mike's Q&A session in the Twitch Bar he's been kind enough to compile a list of some of his favorite episodes from the past 10+ years of the Retrogaming Roundup podcast. I've been an avid listener from the very early days but if you're looking to delve into the nerdy and occasionally controversial world of UK Mike and his chums then here are some great episodes to get you started.

Full Lists of Interviews & Top Tens



UK Mike's Favourite Episodes

RoundUp 15 (Feb 2010) - SoCal Mike's Drink From My Mule Special
Drinking while playing online MULE

RoundUp 21 (Jul 2010) - The Smell Of Wilford Brimley
The origin of our Stetson trope

RoundUp 24 (Oct 2010) - Oh She's Doing Fine
We break the Ted Dabney story

RoundUp 30 (Apr 2011) - Two Pop Bumpers And An Outhole
We play the Diane Suaer audio clip

RoundUp 31 (May 2011) - The Missing Mayor Of Marshfield, Massachusetts
We phone the Mayor of a town live to see why they banned video games
Top Ten Video Game Babes
Al Alcorn Interview

Beach Sessions, Waterbeach - 3rd December 2022

Written by Aidy.

We've played Waterbeach a fair amount over the years in various venues, including a pub function room and a retired military base. On this occasion, we were playing at the baptist chapel. It was a lot of fun and the first time we'd played here in about three years.

We played along with The Pony Collaboration and Kerry Devine (who actually did the backing vocals on our first album for the song 'The British IBM').

Beach Sessions

Waterbeach Baptist Chapel, Setlist 03/12/2022

Friday Night at the Twitch Bar
King of Everything
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
Man of the Hour
Where is Matthew Smith?
Refuse Trucks in Films
Sugar Water
God's Front Porch
The British IBM



Written by Aidy.

Our new music video for 'California' is out now! You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other usual streaming platforms.



Refuse Trucks in Films on BBC Radio 6 Music

Written by Aidy.

Excited to announce that Tom Robinson has played 'Refuse Trucks in Films' on BBC Radio 6 Music. 

He had this to say about it "...manages to marry authentic Americana with a nerdy and uniquely British trainspotter-sensibility. It's from their charming new long player 'Friday Night at the Twitch Bar.'"