The Grand Finale | 486 Trash to Treasure

Written by Aidy.

Check out the final instalment of Retro Man Cave's video series of Trash to Treasure, in which his restoration of a 486 with yellowing plastic is finally completed. The end result is show cased with some awesome classic DOS games set to some familiar music.

Retro Video Game Night #015

Written by Aidy.

Date: 23rd June 2017
Tournament: Windjammers (Neo Geo CD)
Tournament Winner: Mendhi

The summer Retro Night of 2017, Lord Conrad was back serving delicious ale and 400 Degree's popup pizzeria was back again and he's now armed with two ovens named Bebop and Rocksteady. The summer one is always a bit quieter but there was still a healthy number of people and a decent atmosphere.

Retro Video Game Night #014

Written by Aidy.

Date: 10th March 2017
Tournament: Speedball 2 (SNES)
Tournament Winner: Andrew

The first retro night of 2017 and the first appearance of 400 Degrees Pop Up Pizzeria who sold out, so he obviously went down quite well! Ian "The Games Master" Guebert came out swinging with his Speedball 2 tournament.

Retro Video Game Night #013

Written by Aidy.

Date: 9th December 2016
Tournament: Dr. Mario (NES)
Tournament Winner: M.D. Duncan

The 2016 Christmas Edition of the Retro Night, I was unable to be there unfortunately but it was a good night by all accounts and the first one at which we has an actual bar, courtesy of Lord Conrad.

M J Hibbett Totally Acoustic - Season Finale Part 2

Written by Aidy.

Had the privilege of playing one of MJ Hibbett's Totally Acoustic nights earlier in the year. You can here my acoustic rendition of "I'm Just Like You" on the season finale podcast part two.